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Is it better to do cardio before or after strength training?

women doing workout in gym

As women, we often prioritize our health and well-being, but sometimes it can be challenging to find the right balance between different types of exercises. One of the most common questions among women is whether it is better to do cardio before or after strength training. At Platinum Fitness Club, the best women's gym in Hyderabad, we understand the importance of this dilemma, and we are here to provide some insight on the topic.

Firstly, let's understand the difference between cardio and strength training. Cardio, short for cardiovascular exercise, mainly involves activities that get your heart rate up, such as running, cycling, or aerobics. On the other hand, strength training focuses on building muscle and strength through resistance exercises like weightlifting or bodyweight training.

Both forms of exercise bring significant benefits to our bodies, from improving

cardiovascular health and endurance to building muscle and maintaining bone density. However, there is no straightforward answer to which type of exercise is better. The answer lies in understanding your fitness goals and priorities.

If your main focus is on building muscle and strength, then it is better to prioritize strength training and do it before cardio. This allows you to have all your energy and focus on lifting weights without being fatigued from a cardio session. Additionally, doing strength training first allows you to target the specific muscles you want to work on before they are already tired from cardio.

On the other hand, if your goal is weight loss or improving cardiovascular health, then it is better to prioritize cardio before strength training. Cardio is a great way to warm up your body and get your heart rate up, making it an ideal way to start your workout. By doing cardio first, you also increase your metabolism, making your body burn more calories during strength training.

Another factor to consider is the intensity of your workouts. If you plan to do high-intensity cardio and strength training on the same day, it is better to do cardio first. This will prevent you from feeling too fatigued and allow you to give your all during your strength training session. However, if you are doing low or moderate-intensity workouts, the order does not matter as much, and you can do whichever exercise you prefer first.

At Platinum Fitness Club, the best ladies gym near Attapur, we understand that every woman's fitness journey is unique, and we aim to cater to each individual's needs and goals. We offer a variety of classes, including cardio and strength training, to ensure our members have access to a well-rounded fitness program.

If you are still unsure about the order of your workouts, our experienced and certified trainers are always available to guide you. They can help create a personalized workout plan based on your fitness goals and preferences.

In conclusion, the answer to whether cardio should be done before or after strength training depends on your fitness goals and the intensity of your workouts. Both forms of exercise have their benefits, and finding the right balance between them is essential for a healthy and well-rounded fitness routine. At Platinum Fitness Club, the best women-only gym in Attapur, we offer a supportive and empowering environment for women to achieve their fitness goals. Come join us and experience the difference at our ladies gym in Hyderabad.


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